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Wash & Fold Services

The easiest, stress-free way to get your laundry done-- let us help!

When dropping your laundry off you will have the following options (all included in the price):

  • Type of Detergent?

    • ex. Tide Regular, Tide Free and Clear, Persil, Lyric Hill Goats Milk Detergent, etc.

  • Fabric Softener?

    • ex. Downy Regular, Downy Free and Clear

  • Water Temperature?

  • Bleach / Baking Soda?

  • Dryer Sheets/Wool Dryer Balls?


Our wash and fold service is $1.99 per pound.

**$10.00 minimum per load.

Same day service is available upon request but must be in BEFORE 11am and is charged at $2.50/lb.Additional fees apply for sorting, extra rinse, extra full wash and steaming garments. Sales tax will be applied to all Wash & Fold orders.

Special Wash and Fold Items + Pricing*

Twin, or Full Down Comforter $25.00

Queen or King Down Comforter $30.00

Twin or Full Poly-filled Comforters and Bedspreads $20.00

Queen or King Poly-filled Comforter $25.00

Non-Weighted Blanket/Quilt (Twin/Full): $16.00
Non-Weighted Blanket/Quilt (Queen/King): $18.00

Sherpa/Fleece Blanket: $25.00

Weighted Blanket: $28.00

Sofa Cover: $25.00

*For all other special items, our attendants are happy to provide a price upon seeing the item(s).

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